Services for Landlords

In many ways, the tasks of a landlord are easier because of online services. It is often faster, and sometimes cheaper to hire a third party company to do your paperwork. They’ll do background checks, advertise your rentals, and even do your taxes. These services make it easier for landlords to go about their day-to-day business.

However, landlords aren’t the only ones who use online services to manage their properties. Tenants do it too, using short-term rental websites like VRBO, AirBnB, and even Craigslist to list their apartments, condos, and houses for use by strangers while they’re away. Those websites are easy-to-use listing services that allow people to place their property on the website, wait for someone who is interested in staying there to contact them, and then sublet their unit to that person.

While the concept is friendly and inviting for tenants, and a great way to make a little extra cash, it offers nothing to landlords who are caught unaware. It also does not require much of a background check or mandate the permission of a landlord. Services like AirBnB and VRBO do not have a built-in safeguard for landlords in their short-term rental business model.

That’s why, here at StopBnB we offer a different kind of service. We offer detection services for landlords who are worried about their properties being occupied—even if it is for a short time—by someone who could mean trouble, or, at the very least, a call from a neighbor who isn’t fond of loud noise. We offer monitoring services for landlords that include support from our staff, as well as individualized attention for each unit you own. Whether you own a lot of rental properties or just two, you want to protect your investment by ensuring your tenants don’t take advantage of your property. Contact us or peruse the services StopBnB offers to see what options you have to protect what you own.

Detect Subletting

Do you know how to detect whether a tenant is subletting? Do you know why it’s important to detect it? Imagine this: You finally got a few good tenants in your unit. They’re mostly quiet, usually polite, and don’t often call you at odd hours of the night. But one Saturday evening, you get a call from a tenant who says they see a car they don’t recognize in the parking lot in an assigned space. You finish your dinner, wipe your mouth, and go out to inspect. Yep, that’s a strange car alright, but it appears to have a parking lot pass in the window. The next weekend, the same thing happens, but with a different car. And the next, and the next. Finally, you call that tenant to ask about the car in the parking lot that they haven’t registered with you. They tell you they’re halfway across the country and can’t help, then hang up.

While nothing bad has necessarily happened, you still feel uneasy. Other tenants begin calling you complaining about increasing noise problems coming from that apartment, and one other tenant even said they smelled smoke. Do you want to wait until this happens to detect subletting in your apartment?

With the growing popularity of services like AirBnB, VRBO, and even short-term rentals on Craigslist, knowing how to detect subletting in the units you own is becoming more and more important than ever. However, rather than having to sleuth around on your own time like many landlords have to do, only to come up with no hard evidence that your tenant is breaking the terms of your lease agreement, you can keep it simple and use our services right here on StopBnB.com to let us keep track of the threat and detect subletting before it starts.